Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All Grown Up

Catherine was a little four-year-old blondie when I first met and started babysitting for her family all those years ago. And last week, I shot her high school senior pictures! I'm not sure which is weirder, though...that Catherine's a senior or that I now have a four-year-old blondie of my own!

We had a last-minute location change for our session, and it couldn't have worked out better. We had the best time running all over the place for these photos (including IN the water!)

I kept trying to get some "serious" shots from Catherine, but she just cracked up every time I would snap a picture. Finally, though, she was able to hold it together to get these beautiful shots.

And besides, if her giggle box got turned over too bad, and she couldn't help but smile, I took the opportunity to grab some wonderful candids.

(Of course, there was always the No-Face option as well!) :-)

There's no doubt about it...Catherine's a beautiful girl. But what gives her true beauty is the fact that she loves the Lord, and she's happy for you to know about it! There's a radiance that comes from within when that joy is in your heart.

Oh, and before I go, Catherine had a little message for me as we were wrapping up her session...

I love you, too, Cat!!!

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