Monday, April 18, 2011

best. weekend. ever. (part deux)

after the acrobats finished their balleweena performance, some amazing friends of mine took advantage of the family we had in town and planned a donation shower to gather goodies to send to acacia village where micah currently lives in ethiopia.  but first, it's impossible for me to share about that shower without telling you about another...

the lord has richly blessed me with a group of women from church who have become dear friends over this last year or two.  we all worship together as a part of the same faith family, many of us homeschool together, a handful of us are adopting together, and one of them is stuck with me weekly in our small group.  our lives are woven together in many unique ways, and i count it a true joy to live life with these precious gals.  shortly after we arrived back home from ethiopia in february, several of them got together to throw me a diaper shower to help us get ready for a new baby in the house.  a HUGE thanks to lacey, carrie, amelia, brook...


and jenny (the chic with the camera) for coordinating such a tremendous showing of love and kindness.


oh, and remember how i said that we were walking this adoption journey with others??  lora lynn and sheryl were fresh off an airplane from uganda adopting their collective three children between the two families - and somehow they drug their jet-lagged selves over to brook's house to love on me. 


these sweet friends and the others who came spent their time that night showering us with gifts...


writing us letters of encouragement and truth (which i still haven't been allowed to read - although i did, to no avail, try to enlarge this photo so i could see what was written on the cards)...  :-)


and most dear to me, covering us in prayer for everything from a successful court date to quick bonding and attachment to health and provision...  (in case you're wondering, this is my "hold it together, allison" face.  by the time the last amen had been said, i had failed miserably.)


girls, i love you all so dearly, and the lord blessed me beyond measure when he put you each in my life.  thank you!!!!!!


The Taylors said...

Soon and very soon you will have letters in hand. Let's make a give me the date you are boarding the plane and I'll give you the letters. =o) Love you girl!

jennymo said...

Sooooooooo happy for you guys! God is good!