Saturday, April 23, 2011

my little people surprises

jack:  he loves all things music.  it's no surprise to anybody who knows him that he can play a mean electric guitar (a red one, mind you) and that he plays his drums all. day. long. 

isabel:  she's sweet, she's cuddly, and she adores dresses and all things pink. 

so imagine my surprise when jack found a suddenly strong interest in this:

and when izzy dug in the backyard to find and play with this:


like me, josh loves that jack is so passionate about music at such an early age, but a little part of him was bummed that it didn't look like jack had much interest in going out back and hitting some balls.  but out of nowhere, the little guy asked to go outside and play baseball and now his favorite game is playing "ground balls" with his daddy (which he follows up with a celebratory band performance back inside).


(for the record, i'm still waiting to see how the throwing part of this new endeavor all shakes out...)


little izzy cracks me up - and perhaps grosses me out - when she decides to "dig foh wohms".


abby and jack are content to let her do the dirty work...


and dirty work it is!


just when i think i've got them pegged, they throw me a curve ball.  but hey, that's part of the joy of parenting all these little people!


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Giann said...

I remember when I used to love worms! I dissected one this past year in biology and was disappointed because it wasn't that cool. :(
And little player by day and rockstar by night! ;)