Wednesday, March 30, 2011

there's too much going on for a wordless wednesday

i wanted to share with you that we heard some fantastic news from our adoption agency this morning: our paperwork is completely and finally through MoWA!!!  we passed court on march 10, but we were still dependent on that agency to process some final documents for micah's birth certificate.  with all of the uncertainty surrounding MoWA's involvement in ethiopian adoptions, our case worker had told us to expect it to be a while before we traveled to bring him home. 

but in light of how powerfully the lord showed himself in getting us through court in the first place, we a) confessed that we don't know the perfect time to travel but b) began praying that he would push our paperwork through and would allow us to travel in april before i begin a rush of weddings and other exciting photography events (i.e. the late-may birth of a precious friend's baby).  so today when i got the news from patricia, i wrote her back after learning the relatively little amount that needs to be done before our embassy appointment and asked about expected travel dates.

she said, possibly april.


please pray with us for good reports, processed paperwork, and perfect timing.  and make sure you pray for this little guy, too.


The Weathers Report said...

Yay!! So excited! God is so good!

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Goose bumps!!!! So excited! Praying with you!

Anonymous said...

thrilling news!!! i can't wait!!! keep us posted. (guess that kinda goes without saying, huh?) lol..i love you and am praying for you all as you prepare another trip to Addis Adaba, 3 lewis' in Birmingham, and 1 little lewis who is gonna be home soon!!! See you soon...Anna L.

sherah said...

Allison- This just touched my heart! i am so excited for ya'll to bring Micah home! Love the name BTW, that's my brother's name!

Brian and Jen said...

WOW and YEAH!!!!! Praying praying praying!!!

The Taylors said...

Oh gracious...I have no words. =o) So excited for you guys. And, Brody may or may not have said, "Mom, this car seat hurts the past 3 times I've put him in it." I told him he can thank you later. =o) Love you!