Sunday, March 27, 2011

that's what happens when you bite my daughter

you know that book about the "five love languages"?  i can't remember all of them, but there's something about acts of service, gift-giving, et cetera, et cetera.  well i'm convinced that abby has a love language all of her own, and it's wrapped up in picture drawing.  that girl whips out anywhere from 3 or 4 to sometimes 20 pictures a day that she's drawn for me, josh, one of the grandparents, a friend or neighbor, the mailman, the checkout lady at the dollar tree, or anybody else that comes to her little mind.  here's one of my recent gifts (apparently neither abby nor i was feeling so hot that day):

as an expansion of her love of picture-drawing, we've been working in school on writing with words as well.  typically it's been with an assigned topic or a suggested word bank, but not too long ago, abigail took to some creative writing all on her own.  i found this lying around a few weeks back:

can you read that darling six-year-old phonetic spelling?  i am special because god made me.  you are too.  and i love god like you.  god, you are holy and powerful. 

gracious lands, that makes this momma's heart leap for joy.

a couple of nights ago, abby took her notebook to bed with her and this is what i found written in it the next morning:

we used to have a cat.  her name is nala.  she kept eating chipmunks so we gave her away at the pet store.  oh by the way, nala bit me in the arm.  the sad part about this is that the next three pages were more stories about the dogs gracie, daisy, and belle that we "yoost to have". 

clearly pet-owning is not one of our spiritual gifts.

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Giann said...

that is so sweet! :)