Sunday, September 27, 2009

So Her Head Doesn't Explode

So I saw my friend, Michelle, this morning at church. Michelle and her family are the ones I shot this weekend for our nearly-rained-out photography session. I had told her when we parted ways yesterday that I would put a sneak peek up on the blog as soon as I had some photos ready, so when I told her this morning that I had started editing them and was in love with these pictures of their growing family, it was obvious that she wanted photos. And she wanted them now! :-)

Michelle is completely over the pregnant belly thing. She's tired, she's hot, and she's ready for their newest little one to make an appearance. I, on the other hand, think her belly is absolutely gorgeous, and I loved incorporating the new baby into our session.

I've been playing around recently with a new look for some of my photos. It has a really soft and sweet feel, and it worked perfectly for these shots of Big Sister and Big Brother's interaction with their newest baby (via Michelle's tummy).

Michelle, I've got lots more photographs -- lots more! And the best part is, these aren't even my favorites. You'll have to wait a little longer for those. Hee-hee!


Aaron and Michelle said...

I love them already!!!! I hope I really wasn't pushy about getting a preview. I just knew if anyone could make me look good it would be you! I really think you did some sort of magic trick on my belly though. It doesn't look nearly as big as it feels in the pictures. I love Palmer on his tippy toes too! I can't wait to see the rest, I know they will be amazing!

Allison Lewis said...

The tippy-toes picture is my favorite of those, too! :-) And no, I didn't do a single thing to that adorable belly of yours. I tell you everyday that you must feel much bigger than you are -- it's gorgeous!!!!!!

Kenna Clark said...

Great pictures, Allison! Michelle looks so beautiful and Natalie and Palmer look like little, blond angels. What a fun, FULL house they will have, soon. I will definitely come to Bham so you can do my maternity pics! :-)