Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Six and Counting

The kids and I had a super-duper fun surprise today...my sister, Bethany, and her family stopped by to visit for a little while this morning. Our little ones hadn't met Samantha yet, and they were absolutely smitten with their newest cousin as soon as they saw her.

Abby was particularly in love with her little feet. :-)

Now most families ease into growing their family tree. They add a branch here or there every so often, and the tree gradually takes shape.

Yeah, Bethany and I didn't do it that way.

Our parents' family tree went from looking like a seedling to one of Yosemite's finest in a matter of a few years. In late 2004, our parents welcomed their first grandchild (Abby); then during a six-week period in late 2006, they added two more (Jack and Brayden). Just over a year later in early 2008, they were blessed with yet another two (Isabel and Emma). Bethany and Bailey took care of 2009 with the addition of Samantha, and we plan on covering 2010 with our newest baby.

We're running out of couch! But enough about our Giant Family Sequoia -- let's talk more about the littlest branch. Bethany and I were planning on getting together later this week for Sam's newborn pictures, but since they were here today, we went ahead with the session. Unfortunately, the pediatrician's office called, and they had to run, but we got a few sweet shots before they took off.

How precious is she?!?


Anonymous said...

I guess you know that Nana's got to have some of these pictures! :)

Giann said...

How Precious!