Sunday, December 28, 2008

Continuing on...

Our next stop on the Christmas Express was to our friends' house for lunch. We've known the Cobbs (Brent and Kerry) since we were in college. Josh and Brent were fraternity brothers, we were in each others' weddings, we live just ten minutes apart, we had our children within months of each other (they also have two girls and a boy), and we just love spending time with such dear friends. So we happily accepted when they invited us over for Christmas lunch.
Somehow in the madness of cooking, eating, cleaning, and helping six children open gifts, I missed getting a big dual family photo, but here are the pics I did manage to grab (they're only of Jack because Abby had already taken off to play with Molly and Grace):


After a quick clean-up and nice, quiet snoozers back at our house, we were ready for the next round of festivities. My parents, sister, and her family all came over for dinner that evening.

As usual, the kids had a fantastic time running all over the place together...they really do have a special relationship, and I just love to sit back and watch it develop. So sweet!

My parents like to pretend that Bethany and I overwhelmed them a bit by giving them five grandchildren in three years, but something tells me they're handling it just fine (and loving every minute of it!)

They didn't even bat an eyelash when our house went from looking like this:


They're old pros! (Or should I just say regular pros?) :-)

And last but definitely not least, this post wouldn't be complete without wishing our newest addition a Merry FIRST Christmas!!

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