Monday, December 8, 2008

Ballet "Recital"

Abby had her first little ballet "recital" today. We were talking with some friends of ours over dinner (whose daughters are also in Abby's ballet class) about how putting quotation marks around a word implies that it has a meaning other than what is actually stated. In this case, Abigail's Christmas ballet "recital" was exactly the same as every other Monday class, only parents were allowed to photograph it and her teacher served cookies. Now don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not complaining. Abby is not a big fan of new and unfamiliar situations, so it was nice to ease into the world of ballet recitals. And I am a big fan of any situation that involves food. So all were happy!

One of the things Abby has really enjoyed about ballet is learning all of the positions and ballet moves (Are they called "moves"? That sounds a little jazz or hip-hoppish). The teacher taught them a precious dance to "Away in a Manger", and the girls each had a little baby doll that they held throughout the song. Here are some of Abby's exceptional ballerina skills at work: :-)



About to do a TENDUS:

I'm pretty sure this isn't the technical term, but this is a SAILBOAT:

Can you tell she's a really big fan of "sailboat"?!?

Enjoy your week, and I'll be back in a couple of days for Wordless Wednesday.

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Karen Newcomer said...

Oh, wow. That takes me back to Leanne's ballet days. Too cute!