Saturday, May 7, 2011

rambling thoughts from a momma the day before GO-time

1. is this seriously happening?
2. i'm so thankful to the lord that this is seriously happening.  and on mother's day?!?  what a gift.
3. i really like how the "brother room" turned out.


4. but i think the "sister room" might be my favorite.  it's so girly and sweet.


5. the best part was the cost to completely redo the two rooms: $25 for one can of paint, $20 for a quilt from wal-mart, and some furniture moving sweat.
6. is it weird that i used leftover living room paint to paint the boys' room?
7. micah looks so big in the new pictures we got yesterday.


8. i'm super excited to have an evening out in DC with my hubby tomorrow night.
9. but it's kind of sad that we won't be with any of our munchkins on mother's day.
10. 17+ hours straight on an airplane with an infant is a really long time.  especially when it's followed by 9 more hours of travel before we get home.
11. it's a little stressful that we leave early tomorrow morning, and i'm out of town all day today shooting a wedding. 
12. i should probably take advantage of my two hours home and wrap up the packing instead of blogging.
13. i'm so thankful to bethany and grandpam for keeping our little ones while we're gone.  after keeping them for a week for our first trip in february - and offering to do it AGAIN in may - i've officially inducted them into the "rock star hall of fame". 
14.  i'm really going to miss abby, jack, and izzy.


15. oh my word, i'm going to be holding micah in 2 1/2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


16. we ask that people pray for our safety in traveling, health for us all, peaceful hearts for the little ones here, and that the lord would continue to reveal himself and work in our lives and those around us through micah's adoption and life.  all glory be to god!!!


Anonymous said...

All the glory and the praise and honor be to God! God you are so amazing and enough! You Lord are all we need! Thank You Lord God for the blessing of Micah, safe travel, physical endurance, provision, and reunion! Thank You Lord for this amazing gift of Micah to an amazing family! In Jesus Precious Name! Amen
Love you all! Vickey Pierson

Aaron and Michelle said...

I am so excited for you all!!! I can't wait to meet Micah! I hope you all have sooooo much fun traveling together. This will be a memory you will cherish forever. We love you all very much and we are praying for safe and easy traveling!!!!!!!! See you soon:)

Giann said...

Know that you are loved! Know that we are praying for you! And Know that I will be at the airport next saturday (with my camera)!!

r><> said...

their rooms look great!! you have done a great job of making your home of true beauty a beautiful home. all of your sweet babies will be so happy making memories in those rooms. i am so excited for you. this blog literally gave me chills of excitement!! i canNOT WAIT for you all to be together!! God's blessings on all of you. I. WILL. BE. PRAYING!!