Saturday, May 21, 2011

appropriately titled...

we've been home with micah for one week now, and as i sat down to write a quick blurb about our first seven days together as a family of six, i came up with way more blog titles than i did blog content.

in the throws of our giardia infestation, the award for the most appropriately-titled post went to:
welcome to crazyville!  i'm allison, and i'll be your guide today.  but thankfully that title no longer seems fitting as the meds have kicked in, the colons have settled, and peace has been restored to our home.  the new first-week title should now be something along the lines of this:  from crazyville to the place of contentment - it's a beautiful drive.

all in all, bringing micah home this week has ushered in a wonderfully fun and exciting time of transition for our family.  have there been bumps and bruises?  yes, absolutely there have, and i would never want to give an impression otherwise.  adoption is in no way a cakewalk and just because we're past the "getting him home" phase of this journey doesn't mean that we're past any and all tough times.  but my little non-blog-readers of today will be the big and knowledgeable readers of tomorrow, so i always try to ensure that i don't write anything that might be hurtful or difficult for them (adopted or otherwise) as teenagers or adults. 

so with that said, here are a few of the highlights that stand out the most from our first week together:
  • giardia is no joke, people.  no joke.  (that's probably a lowlight rather than a highlight)
  • micah absolutely knows who his family is - especially his momma.  *grin*  he'll search me out in a room and crawl as fast as his chunky knees can carry him into my arms.  
  • his siblings adore him.  they adore him so much, in fact, that we're now having to do additional heart training on turn-taking and sharing.  
  • the nights are either fantastic - or they're looong.  he's slept 11-12 hours straight half the nights home, and he's been awake and upset for some two-hour chunks the other half.  
  • jet lag was nothing this trip.  apparently not sleeping most of the time you're in a foreign country helps to keep you from ever settling into the different time zone.  
  • with the exception of the parasite, micah got an incredibly clean bill of health from the pediatrician.  after the doc's encouraging comments, we're even more thankful to the staff at acacia village for the effort they put into providing a loving, safe, and healthy environment for our children before they come home.
  • micah LOVES to swing.
  • he's not such a fan of baths.
  • the dreaded first experience with a carseat has been a complete non-issue.  thankful for that!
  • we've been so greatly loved on by friends and family during this process.  from the amazing aunt bethany and grandpam who split lewis-child duty on BOTH of our ethiopia trips to the constant stream of amazing dinners we've had pouring in each night, we've been well cared for, and we're so, so thankful for the help and support during this transition.
i'm sure there's so much more that i could write about now, but today's daddyday and my four little people are up from their naps, so i'm out.  adios!


Giann said...

haha....Thanks for the update! I hope to meet this little Munchkin soon! :)

Go and Tell said...

So glad ya'll are home! He surely is a cutie!

Carrie said...

I've loved keeping up with your incredible journey...but, now that Micah is "legally" part of the family, how about a new "family" photo for your blog!

Love you guys, and so happy all are well and happy.

Aunt Libby