Sunday, June 20, 2010

josh lewis

two weeks ago, our lives took a pretty big detour from the path we thought we knew so well.  and in all honesty, the event i'm referring to joined with a few other factors to usher in one of the darkest weeks i think i've ever walked through.  i was hurt, i was confused, and i had far more questions than i had answers.

but the lord was faithful in spite of my doubt -- and josh lewis proved himself once again as a man of the highest character and faith.  here are a few things i've been reminded of recently about my amazing husband:
  • josh is perhaps the most selfless person i know.  he gives willingly to others, and he's blissfully oblivious to the expectation to receive.
  • josh is oh. so. funny.  i think i've laughed more over this past week (a trying one at that) than i have in a while.  maybe it's because i'm just so smitten with them that i think he's such a riot -- or maybe he's just plain funny -- but he can always make me giggle.
  • josh continually seeks the lord's guidance and wisdom.  he doesn't just pray for what he wants or how he wants the lord to move.  he prays for the lord's direction, and i've been witness to the countless times he's faithfully followed god's leading.
  • josh never wants to settle for average.  he strives to be an excellent husband, an amazing daddy, and a fantastic friend, servant, employee, and volunteer.
  • josh loves and trusts the lord from deepest core of his being all the way out.  it's who he is
  • josh will drop everything to help a friend in need.
  • josh really lives god's call to walk in humility.  as a person who has had to pray away pride more times than i care to count, i adore that facet of his character.
  • josh is a hottie.  there, i said it.
  • josh loves his family deeply and will do whatever is necessary to provide for us.
i could go on endlessly about the blessing that josh is to me, our children, and those who know and love him, but i'll stop by saying this:

josh, i am so deeply in love with you, and i'm daily in awe of who you are and who you're asking the lord to make you.  god has been so gracious to me, abby, jack, isabel, and JAL by putting you as the head of our home.  we love you so much and today -- on this father's day -- we thank our heavenly father for the gift he has given us in you.

oh, and the kids had something they wanted to say, too.
me: what's daddy's name?
abby: josh
jack: josh -- but he calls you "babe"
isabel: daddy

me: how old is daddy?
abby: 32
jack: i don't really know
isabel: he's two, abby's three, me's four

me: what makes daddy laugh?
abby: tickling him
jack: when i say, "oh my goodness"
isabel: i say, "RAWR!!"

me: what makes daddy cry?
abby: when i don't obey
jack: i'm not gonna even tell you
isabel: when he gets a rock (i'm not at all sure what that's about)

me: what's your favorite thing to do with daddy?
abby: play couch toss * 
jack: play couch toss
isabel: play blocks (she's just now learning the fine art of couch tossing)
*ah, the bliss.  we had no idea that less than three weeks after that post, i would be writing this.  but hey, if we didn't have that story, we couldn't have had this one.

me: what does daddy do around our house?
abby: he cleans the floors, mows the grass, rakes the leaves, and blows the leaves.  that's all.
jack: he cleans up the kitchen, he puts his cup in the fridge, he prays for our food, he washes the floor, and he "bacuums".  mommy, you answer the telephone when it rings, you take pictures, and sometimes you need quiet time.

quiet time?  i'll admit it.  but with the exception of josh's prayers and yard work, the rest is lies, people.  all lies.  ;-)

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Anna said...

1.) so sweet and so true! (well, i can't say he's a hottie but i think he's your hottie :)
2.) haha! i love your kids perspective on things!
3.) i love all 6 of you!