Thursday, April 15, 2010

an open letter to our parents

dear mom and dad,

we did lots of fun things as a family back in the day when it was just "richard, mary, and the girls".  but without a doubt, some of our favorite memories are from the countless musicals and shows you took us to in atlanta when we were growing up.  family time in the car, the two of us singing "phantom of the opera" songs until your poor ears were bleeding, and eating lunch at that little corner deli by the fox.  we loved it all.

so when you called us to ask if we would like to go with you to the celtic women concert last night, we thought, "ooooohh...."

"...this sounds like fun."

and soon, we started getting really excited about a blast-from-the-past-music-extravaganza-with-our-parents.
now we'll be the first to admit that there was a time back in the day that we might not have been quite so thrilled at the prospect of a date night of this sort.

but we're mature enough now to admit that we were in the wrong back then.  we were ill-tempered teenagers who thought we had better things to do.  but now that we are parents, we realize how valuable our time with you really is.

and speaking of being parents, i would be remiss if i didn't thank you particularly for giving us the opportunity to slough off our mom jeans and don sassy little heels for a night out. we were pretty jazzed when we realized we were going to get to dress for the evening out of "that part" of our closets.

in fact, we were really, really, really excited about a night out with you.  really.

actually, bethany was so pumped that she almost laid an egg.  (i'm so sorry, honey.  that was just too funny to pass up!)

we can't thank you enough for such a fantastic night.  the food was good and the concert was great -- but the company just couldn't be beat.

we love you so much,
allison and bethany

p.s.  anytime you're wondering if we'd like another family-of-four date night, here's our answer:

editor's note: josh lewis is the most precious man alive.  not only was he excited for me to have a quiet evening away, but for some of the night, he single-handedly kept the above-mentioned six children safe, healthy, and happy.  by himself.  one of him, six of them (ages 5, 3, 3, 2, 2, and 7 months).  
thank you, babe.  i love you lots and lots and lots! 


Anonymous said...

I have laughed looking at the pictures of ya'll until my sides hurt!!! Thank you for this. It made my day!!!
Love, mom

The Taylors said...

#1= I'm so glad you had a wonderful evening out.

#2= You're hair is getting really long.

#3= You owe your sweet hubby. =o)

Anna said...

love it! what a wonderful time for both of you. i'll have to admit...i hardly recognized bethany. i was that a cousin? i didnt recognize her until the end! LOVE the pictures and LOVE the fact that josh had THAT many kiddos at once. your WHOLE family is just precious!

Anonymous said...

NOW josh's facebook post makes sense.i was wondering how/why he was alone with 6 kids, but i had complete faith that he would make it through just fine. i am so glad you all had a wonderful time out. LOVE the Fox! The Orpheum is great here in Memphis, but there's nothing quite like 'home' when it comes to memories. love you all & absolutely ADORE the picture letter. hugs & kisses to you all (& a standing ovation to Josh!) Anna L.

Robin said...

i. love. this. blog! haha so funny. you guys are precious!

Pam said...

Love this!! You girls are great and I am sure your parents were thrilled with your "thank-you".

Karen Newcomer said...

Awwwwww, that brought tesrs to my eyes. What a sweet letter to write for your parents.

Karen Newcomer said...

Awwww. This brought tears to my eyes. That was such a nice letter to write to your mom & dad.