Friday, April 23, 2010


i've got about a bajillion photos sitting in the "to be blogged" folder on my computer with many more to come over the next week.  soooo.....with that said, grab a cup of coffee, have a seat, and prepare yourselves for more pictures than any one human being should be subjected to in a single sitting.  (but at least this won't be really time for that.)

somehow it's almost four weeks after easter, and i've yet to post anything beyond this one picture.  well, that's all going to change right now.  in the spirit of few words, our easter day in photographs can be divided up into three categories: all dolled up before church, hunting easter eggs in jammies after church, and a pathetic attempt at getting a good family picture at church. 

the girls' dresses were a gift from their sweet cute did they look?!?

this is the first year izzy's been big enough to really hunt for eggs, and she wasn't that impressed at first...until that is, she realized that she could wear her basket like a purse. 

and when the fact that each of the eggs had a goldfish or marshmallow inside was made known to her, we didn't see her for the rest of the day.

i did learn something that i had never known about jack before:  he's perhaps the world's worst easter egg finder ever.  with the exception of a couple of eggs that he literally tripped over as he ran through the backyard, he needed some real hands-on help with everything else he found. 

now let me go ahead and stop you there.  you're probably thinking, "oh, but he couldn't see that one because it was up so high.  it just wasn't really obvious."  yeah, that clearly had nothing to do with it.  (please note how abby's finger is literally touching the egg, but jack is staring straight into the fence like we velcroed it to the wood or something.)

it's pretty rare for all of us to look presentable at the same time.  on any given day, someone's missing their shoes, someone's in at least part of their jammies, and inevitably, i'm in jeans with one of the knees blown-out.  because we had morphed into "fake family" that day with our dresses, brushed hair, and heels, i was hoping to get a good family shot of us.  unfortunately, izzy didn't share my photo op excitement.

i had a little chat with her (while josh had a snack)...

and this is what we came up with.  it's not perfect -- but it's us!!!

stay tuned for part II (and a fun announcement)!


Anonymous said...

Jack looks like he's grown a foot taller since I saw him a few days ago!!
Those 4 pictures of Isabel are absolutely priceless, especially the first one!!
Abigail is so sweet helping her brother find the eggs (although from the look of the picture, Jack may need to attend remedial egg-hunting class!).

Giann said...

I Love the new header and the pictures!! Can't wait until you add another one in the mix! :)

Anna said...

LOVE the easter pictures. and the family pictures are priceless! it doesnt matter WHEN you post pictures, we are always so excited to see them!
love you all!