Thursday, April 1, 2010

little ladybug

i really can't believe that today marks the entrance into april.  i still catch myself writing "2009" on my checks...i'm really behind.  this weather just takes my breath away, though, and if i could stop the calendar right here and stay in this 72-degree, sunny weather, i'd do it in a heartbeat.  i love the spring!

we had a fantastic opportunity to spend some time outside enjoying the beautiful weather and great company last weekend at little emma's 2nd birthday party. 

bethany and bailey have the best setup for parties, and the kids always max out the fun when they get to play outside.

bethany had given me only one job for my time at their house: to get a picture of all three of her kids.  she didn't care where, she didn't mind how they were sitting, she just wanted "photo proof that there are three of them".

my mom had a special request, too.  we had given her a photo of me, bethany, and the kids last year, but samantha wasn't in it because she was but a wee babe in bethany's belly.  so before the cake-cutting ceremony, we grabbed everyone for yesterday's wordless wednesday shot.  with mom and bailey's help, josh snapped this one, too.

no sooner had bethany put emma in front of the cake than everyone started telling her to take the candle out of her cake and lick it.  she kept staring at us like we were fools, but she finally pulled it out (i don't know how happy she was about it, though)...

of course, i might feel a little pressure if all of the paparazzi-family was staring at me, too.

brayden didn't understand what the hold-up was so he went in for the kill.  then she decided it wasn't such a bad idea to lick the candle after all.  hee-hee.

happy birthday, emma.  we love you all!!!!!

before i go, there was one more shot i wanted to share with you.  have a great, great day!!

never underestimate the power of italics. 


The Taylors said...

Oh my sweet friend. You have seriously made me laugh today! =o)

Anna said...

you fooled this pregnant woman...but it was good to talk to you :)

Bethany said...

worst. joke. ever.
But I LOVED the pictures!!! I am about to pirate them all so that I can do a copycat post now! Thanks for giving me GREAT non-birth-certificate-documentation of having three kids!!!