Sunday, October 11, 2009

She's One...And She's Tiny

I've been seeing this tiny tot for photography sessions every three months since she was born. Over the past year, I've come to know and love this sweet munchkin and her family. So I was thrilled to see her again last weekend for her one-year-old birthday session. Our shooting location was teeming over with fall festival traffic when we got there, so we found a quiet little alley and got some fun shots with this great brick wall as the backdrop. It gave our session a touch of an urban spin.
That spot was nice, but it couldn't compare to the gorgeous colors of our next spot. The late afternoon lighting was hitting everything just the right way, and it made for one really happy photographer.
I'm sad to say that my second session of the weekend got canceled because of an unfortunate face-meets-slide accident. But hopefully I'll be back with that one once everything is healed.

And in case you were wondering, Birthday Girl now weighs 13 pounds. That's how much Abigail weighed when she was two months old.

Seriously. I looked it up.

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Jamie Laslo said...

Allison, you won't believe it, but Scott's brother weighed OVER 13lbs when he was born. He was NOT a c-section either.