Thursday, October 29, 2009

Buying Them Took 45 Minutes -- Putting Them Away Took Five Days

Since the kiddos have been sick this week, we missed our customary trip to Publix. But I suppose that's a good thing -- since last week's loot* was still in the trunk of the car.

*I refer to my groceries as loot because of the insane deals I get while shopping at Publix. When you're getting groceries at 50 and 60% off, shopping really is a pleasure.

While cooking dinner a couple of nights ago, I realized I needed an ingredient out of the pantry van, so I asked Josh if he would please run down there and grab it out for me. For some reason, he thought it made a lot more sense to bring all the groceries up to the kitchen (what's that about?!?), so my sweet husband carted up about 20 deep-discount bags of food and laid them neatly in the kitchen floor for me to organize at my leisure.

And there they sat.

In my defense, this has been a bit of an off-week. I don't normally leave groceries laying around for hours at a time (as in 48 hours at a time), but putting them away just hasn't been at the top of my priority list. Obviously. Finally, the temptation was just too great for Isabel...

...and she broke into a bag or two so that she could partake in one of her favorite pastimes -- stacking.

Before long, the kids had made a Mixed Nut Tower and a Chewy Bar Choo-Choo...

...and my kitchen closely resembled the Publix stock room after a tornado strike.

I have to say, it was quite a mess for all of us to clean up, but man, did they have fun!!

There are a few Overheard at Our House Today quotes to share before I go.
1. Abby: "I really wish I had four arms."
Me: "Why, baby?"
Abby: "Because then I could hold my bowl in one hand and my cup in another hand, and I could reach one hand into the pantry and one into the refrigerator -- all at the same time!" (Remember what I said about Little Lewis Eaters???)

2. Josh: "Jack, take the sandwich out of your hair."

3. This one needs a little preface. We had just sat down to eat, and among the foods we were having were crescent rolls. Jack looked over to the stove and saw a lone crescent roll still sitting there, and he exclaimed, "LOOK! That cwessant woll can be for our new baby!"

Oh, how precious that is to me! I've been writing a post in my mind for a while now about our new son and where we are logistically -- and emotionally -- in our efforts to bring him home. I'll be back with that one.


Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Looking forward to a baby update. We started our home study this week!

The Taylors said...

Sweet! You even make putting up the groceries look beautiful with your photographs. BTW, teach me your discount grocery ways!

Giann said...

So sweet!
I remember when we would say that! We would buy stuff for her and fix the food where she came from and pray for her.

Its a looooong story!! I will have to tell you more later!