Tuesday, May 19, 2009

School, Weddings, and Babies, Oh My!

Do you have that friend whom you've known for what seems like your whole life? The one you did everything with, shared everything with? Well, this past weekend I had the extra-special treat of having that friend here with me for a few days. Alicia and I have known each other for something like 18 or 19 years now, and we spent the first many years of that time nearly inseparable. We haven't lived in the same city since I moved away for college in 1996, but we've always kept in touch despite the distance between us.

Alicia and I have been through countless experiences together. I actually dug out an old box of photos and found picture after picture of goofy things we used to do...BUT, I've decided to spare us both the embarrassment of posting those. But as proof of our sharing many of life's biggest milestones, here she is with me on my wedding day.

She actually caught the bouquet as I threw it at our reception (although rumor has it she almost knocked out a few of the other girls standing nearby as she dove for it)!

Obviously her strong efforts worked, because I was honored to stand beside her not long later as she married another of our high school friends, Brandt.

With our long history together, it goes without saying that I was thrilled to see Alicia and Brandt when they arrived on Friday. But they were toting a new addition that I hadn't been able to meet yet. Their son, Harrison, is exactly one month younger than Isabel, and HE IS PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told them it was so neat to see them as parents, and they're doing nothing short of an amazing job with their sweet son. He's an absolute JOY! He's got so much personality, and he had us cracking up the whole time they were here.

Brandt and Alicia were singing in a wedding on Saturday night, so while they were gone to the rehearsal and dinner on Friday, we had the pleasure of keeping Harrison here. After dinner, we took him with us on our traditional after-dinner walk around the neighborhood.

Josh asked me if I ever thought as Alicia and I were riding to school together 15 years ago that I would be watching our four children play together one day. (They had just spotted a puppy dog in the yard beside them when I snapped this picture).

And it's especially neat that Isabel and Harrison are so close in age!

Abigail is definitely proving ready to add another Baby Lewis to our home...she couldn't get enough of little Harrison during his visit.

Jack loved playing with him, too, but he had pretty much checked out by the time we went on our walk. He had officially retreated to his Happy Place.

Izzy was sleepy, too, but Josh helped get her blood pumping through alternative means. (And no, Alicia, Josh did not do this with Harrison!)

We actually had one other pint-sized walker that night, too. For those of you who wonder where Nala's been, she's alive and well.

I say "alive and well", but looking at this picture, maybe I should just stress alive...

Brandt, Alicia, and Harrison--we love you lots and lots, and we're so glad we got to spend time with you last weekend. And yes, I'm going to send you these photos. :-)

Back to weddings, I had a session this weekend after Alicia left, and although I'll spare you the enormous amount of drama surrounding this session, I did want to share a couple of my favorite pictures from the day. These are the bride and ring bearer's shoes. I love the contrast...both in size and color. So sweet!

Josh and I are in disagreement about whether this shot looks better in color or a vintage tone, but since I'm the one writing right now, I'm going to post my favorite! ;-)


Alicia said...

Allison, Thank you so much for letting us stay and taking these sweet pictures of Harrison. Of course, we didn't manage to get one of US together...next time! Harrison loved playing with your growing brood and we can't wait to see you guys soon. We love you!!
Alicia, Brandt and Harrison

Karen Newcomer said...

Oh, Allison, I wish I had known you when Brad and I got married. Your photography is sooooo much better than what we had!