Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jack's Big Day

As hard as it is to believe, Jack will be 1 in just a few short days (26th). Today we, and about 25 of our friends and family, helped Jack celebrate with a big DINOSAUR party. Allison has been working for weeks to put together a great party for him...and she did. Not a detail was spared. Everything was dinosaurs...from the balloons on the mailbox to the "dinosaur bones" (pretzel sticks) that the kids ate. We had "Muddy Water" (Milo's sweet tea) and "PB&Jasaurus Sandwiches." Everything was covered...we've come to expect that from Big Al. But back to Jack...he had a blast. I went to get him up from his nap a little after the party started, and you could see the curiosity in his eyes towards all of the noise downstairs. I dressed him up in his dinosaur outfit (one last detail) and downstairs we went. It was a neat moment before we went down to be able to tell him how many people are here to celebrate with him and that so many people love and care for him. He probably didn't get it, but he will some day. So thank you again to everyone who took time out of their Saturday to come and share in some laughs, stories, and dinosaur eggs (red grapes). We're so fortunate to have each of you in our lives.


Alicia said...

Allison and Josh,
I have enjoyed catching up on all you guys are doing and seeing the precious pictures of your growing little ones. Tell Abigail she is the prettiest little girl and Jack is so precious! I hope that I get to see you guys soon and give you all big hugs. I can't wait for both our little ones to get here in just a few months! Love and miss you all!

Julie Shaw said...

Happy Birthday Jack!! I can't believe that he is a year already. I wish time would just slow down a bit! The party sounded great, I wish we could have been there to celebrate with you!

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Jack!!! I hope you have a great birthday!
Love, Aunt Libby