Saturday, July 28, 2007

Joining the Club

It happened. I swore it never would, but it happened. I fought it for years, yet it still happened.

This morning, Allison and I signed the paperwork for a minivan. 

The entire time we were there, something felt I had forgotten something, left something behind...something I couldn't figure out. But as we pulled out of the parking lot in our 2006 Toyota Sienna, I turned around and saw it sitting at the desk.

There is manhood.

All kidding aside, we love the van. It is a big day for the Lewis clan. Gone are the days of Allison worrying if the airbag would cause her knees to punch her in the face if it was to deploy. Gone are the days of having to shoulder tackle the stroller to get it into the trunk. And if we did get it into the trunk, gone are the days of Abigail having to hold the groceries on the way home. Yes, folks, this is big. We went from driving a studio apartment to driving an eight bedroom mansion.

So take your shots, but know this: I've got leg room again.


Pam Crenshaw said...

It's a sad day in Blazer heaven! The angels are silent for sure.

Rebecca Wise Cummings said...

Hey guys! Thanks for making my week by making me laugh so hard I hurt! There is no shame in a drives like a car! :) Love, Rebecca