Saturday, July 21, 2007

I must be nuts!!!

The Lewis's are about to enter the 21st Century. After about a decade of technical mediocrity, I've decided to try my luck with a blog. I still haven't figured out why someone chose such a name, but we're going to go with it. Scary to think that Abigail may be asking me some time soon to see if anyone sent her a note on our blog. Blog? Seriously?

Why am I doing this? Because it seems like every day that the kids are doing or saying something that keeps us in stitches. They're hilarious! So I figured we would do our best to post some pictures and random stories for everyone else to enjoy. At the very least, we satisfy our daily urge to brag about what great kids we have and share how blessed we feel to be their parents. And somewhere along the way, we'll probably drop in some other updates on what is going on in our lives with church, work, family, etc.

So enjoy, and please drop in some comments as much as possible. We would love to hear from everyone.


Bethany said...

These are the cutest pictures and a blog is a really cute idea for bragging rights! Jack does look so very proud of himself in the picture where he is standing!

Bok said...

Brother!!! I am SO impressed with your new adventure! I am excited to be able to read the blogs (yea definitely a weird word) and see pictures. Perhaps it will help with my seperation anxiety I have for you all. Great idea!

Pam Crenshaw said...

This makes me miss you guys even more! I must get to B'ham soon. Give Jack and Abigail a kiss from Grandpam.

Anna said...

I am impressed Josh-Baby! :o) I miss you guys sooo much! I'm glad you did this so I can keep up with y'all and see your beautiful little ones (who are getting so big so fast). I think you all need to plan a trip to Memphis soon :o) Hugs and kisses to all. Love ya! Anna L.

Jenny's Journal said...

Way to Go, Josh! Woo Hoo! LOVE seeing the kids. Now I'll get Grandma and Grandpa to learn how to visit THE BLOG and keep up with the Lewis clan! We can't wait to see everyone in a couple months! ENJOY these years!! They're priceless!
Love you! Aunt Jenny

RICHARD said...

Hey Guys
I'm certainly impressed and will be even more impressed if you get this. The kids look great and all is well here. Looking forward to the end of Sept.

Uncle D.

Nicki said...

Hey guys!! Welcome to the world of technology....good job!!!! As much as I've always said Abigail looks like Josh...well (this one is for you Allison) Jack looks like his mommy!!! They are precious!

Carrie said...

Hello Lewis Family!!!! Love you blog Josh. This is a great way for those of us way over here in Eastaboga land to see Abigail and Jack more often! And of course, we are looking forward to the arrival of the newest addition to the Lewis clan in a few months!

Love, "Aunt" Libby