Friday, September 9, 2011

the night owl strikes again

we arrived in marietta on saturday afternoon only to realize that we'd left half our baby gear at home.  we didn't forget to put it in the car...we just flat forgot we'd need it.  you'd think we've never traveled with a baby before.  but one of the joys of mine and josh's younger siblings now birthing babies as well is that they tote around much of the same gear we do.  and not only is their gear nicer (let me tell you, a lot's changed in the last three years!) but their younger brains work better than ours so they actually remember to pack what they'll need.

one of the didn't-make-the-trip items was the baby monitor.  since all four of our little peeps were sleeping in one room while josh and i were down the hall in another room, we thought we should make a wal-mart run to get a backup monitor in case micah protested his first night away from home.  but before we could make it out the door, josh's sister, rebekah, offered us her ultra-swanky video monitor.

ummm, hello!  

i'll admit that this thought has crossed my mind before:  a video monitor?  really?!?  what do you do?  just sit and watch your baby sleep all night?

YES, and it's fantastic!  well, i guess there wasn't much sleeping going on while i was eyeing my littlest two, but i got a sweet glimpse into their world together.  and what a cute, funny, precious world it is!  (my apologies to all the video-monitor-owners out there that i used to secretly giggle at.  you may now return the favor because not only did i watch my babies over the monitor for 30 minutes, i took pictures as well!)

the night owl crept up to micah's crib and whisper-yelled to see if he was awake...


when he responded with an immediate jump to his feet, playtime soon began.


i'm usually a pretty big stickler for bedtime, but for some reason it didn't seem all that important on this night.  :-)


Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

We got one when Ian had his seizures. Our kids never have figured out how we know what's going on. And we don't tell them...

Anna said...

Loooove ours & it's considered ancient by today's standards! ;) glad to know you're not snickering at us anymore! Hehe. I've even taken video of our video monitor. Love the sweet moments you captured!