Friday, September 2, 2011

the day is here. the hour has arrived.

izzy has wanted to be a "ballewina" for as long as her big sister's been donning slippers for her weekly class.  and after an entire summer of asking if it was time to go yet, izzy's big day finally arrived and she had her first ballet class this week.


i loved hearing abby encourage izzy and share in her excitement.  if only i had a nickel for each time i heard her say, isabel, only ____ more days until you get to start ballet!!


but ballet wasn't the only first this week.  we were ecstatic to be asked to join in a homeschool co-op with a couple of sweet friends for this year, and yesterday was the kids' first day at "miss bwook's house". 


(please excuse the direct-sun-freak-out my blue-eyed little ones are doing in that last photo.)  :-)


Giann said...

too cute! :) love their backpacks! :)

Anna said...

If that's not excitement, i don't know what is! Beautiful pictures & fun new experiences!

The MacDonalds said...

my heart is full! love to see the love of ballet and dance in the little Lewis'. I loved the pics of little izzy through the past few years in the tutu that she never wanted to take off and can't wait for the recital to see her in her 'official' tutu!