Thursday, October 7, 2010

life: as it really is

my friend, brook, of too many b's wrote a post a while back about the family "perfection" we often portray on places like facebook and personal blogs.  it's not that any of us actually has it totally's just that we want everybody out there to think that we do.  i've really tried to use our blog as a place to share things that are real -- real happy, real sad, and everything in between -- but as i was reading back through all of the beach posts from the last couple of weeks (sorry for that obnoxious number of photos), i realized that from the outside looking in, it probably appeared as if we spilled out of the car in a heap of giggly goodness onto the white sands of seagrove beach.  it might have seemed as if our children ran on flighty tiptoes toward the gorgeous ocean and played happily there for the remainder of the day while josh and i sipped on lemonade under an umbrella. 

ummm, that's not exactly how it happened.

in fact, on the evening that we joined our friends down there, we walked out to the beach together and i carried my camera eagerly in hand to get jack and isabel's first amazed reactions to the vastness and beauty of the ocean (the last time we were at the beach was when jack was just a few months old).  but what i got was a son who was terrified of the waves and a daughter who bawled her eyes out whenenever we put her feet down in the sand.  she cried like the sand was eating her legs.
and that, my friends, is life: as it really is.

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