Thursday, May 20, 2010

overheard at our house today...


i'm way behind on photography work, so josh let me sit down at the computer to get some editing done after dinner.  here's what i just heard:

josh (as he walks into the bathroom to help jack):  izzy, what are you doing in here?

izzy:  i helping jack.

josh:  what did you do?

izzy:  i wipe jack's bottom.

josh (under his breath):  oh wow. 
(to izzy):  what did you use?

izzy:  this!

josh:  your hand?!?

jack:  no, she used tolwet paper.

we're hoping jack's right but as i type, josh is administering a thorough disinfection protocol in the bathtub.  and he's wearing a hazmat suit.

(note to self:  #1 item of importance on tomorrow's to-do list?  teach jack to wipe his own hiney.)

UPDATE (this is what i can hear going on upstairs in the bathroom):
abby:  daddy, will you bury me when i die?

josh:  why are you asking that?

abby:  i'm just wondering.

josh:  well that makes me really sad.  but yes, if i'm still alive, i'll bury you. 

abby:  in the back where the chipmunks are?  (we've had a very busy cat)

josh:  no honey, i wouldn't bury you in the back yard.

abby:  oh.  (thinking, thinking...)  i would get to be in the front yard?!?


The Taylors said...

Wow! I guess you were glad you had clocked out for the night. So sweet of Izzy to chip in and help like that. =o)

Anna said...

haha! your kiddos make me laugh!

The Weathers Report said...


Brian and Jen said...

Thanks for a really good laugh! I love kids innocence! Fantastic!! :)