Monday, May 31, 2010

overheard at our house today (food edition)

overheard 1:
random five-year-old boy beside me at IHOP:  i'm going to eat sausage and pancakes for breakfast.  do you like that?

me:  well, i love pancakes, but i don't really care for sausage.

random five-year-old boy (with a touch of disdain in his voice):  oh.  so you're a vegetarian?

overheard 2:
jack (singing to the tune of "all for the glory of you"):  every moment, all i say and do, let this life i live be all for the glory of steak!!  

somewhere out there, a certain 6' 4" carnivore is loving the new version of that song (you know who you are, missile!)

overheard 3:
abby:  mommy, look at how much of this book i've read.

me:  that's awesome, abby!!!  it's wonderful that you love to read so much.

abby:  why, mommy?  

me:  well, when you read, it helps your brain to be healthier and stronger.

abby:  oh, so reading is kind of like eating salmon?!?

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