Sunday, January 24, 2010

family worship (aka family circus)

ever since we've had little ones, we've tried to teach them the truths of god's word and pray with them each day, but as part of the radical experiment at church, we've been challenged to kick our efforts up a few notches in our family worship time.  first of all, we're doing a chronological read-through and study of the entire bible, and each week we work on memorizing scripture and worshiping through songs that tie in with that week's readings.  without a doubt, the new format of our family worship has become the sweetest time of our day.

but sometimes, it's the funniest.

take, for example, the night that our song had a fantastic guitar part that the kids couldn't help but join in on (never mind that they didn't have any guitars upstairs).

or how about the time that abby wanted to lead worship, but we were fresh out of microphones?

better yet, there's the time that we were memorizing genesis 1:27 (which, for the record, is pretty wordy for preschoolers) and jack learned about how god created them "fale and memale".   but hey, he can recite the whole verse now!

don't be fooled into thinking that isabel's not an active participant each night.  on the contrary, i would dare say she's the most active participant...


she's a charismatic one, that girl.

there's just not much more precious to my heart than hearing abby earnestly pray for a family member or friend she knows who's walking through a hard place right now.  or hearing jack pray for our "baby in affguh" to join our family soon.  it makes me teary-eyed to join with our little ones as they sing "hallelujah" at the top of their lungs, and holding isabel as she said her first prayer was perfect beyond words.  (in case you're wondering, her prayer went like this: "gahd -- welkum abbeee, jack, daddeee.  amen!"  welkum is "you're welcome", which she's apparently confusing with "thank you".)

and yes, i got left off her list.

if we ever get another video camera, i'll do my best to load some video from our family worship time.  you won't be disappointed.  :-)

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The Taylors said...

These photos just make my heart smile, especially the one of Isabel that's just a blur. Love it!