Saturday, November 7, 2009

Better Late Than Never, Right?

I think it was about four posts ago that I said I would get a sneak peek of one of my recent sessions up "tomorrow".


This is the second time I've done photos with this family, and they make my job so much fun! The kids are precious, and I told Mom that I need to hire her as my Session Stylist. She totally gets the "coordinate without being matchy-matchy" thing, and I love seeing what her crew's going to show up in each time.

Not too long ago, I started working on designing storyboards. I love to pack a bunch of pictures into one and tell a story about who a child is or what was happening during that time in a family's life. Here's a fun one I put together for this client's littlest guy, who spent a good bit of our session toddling around on this great bridge we found.

When Mom came to pick up the order from her last session, she fell in love with some pictures I have hanging in our living room of each of our children, and she wanted similar ones done of her kids. My part's done -- now she gets to decide whether to do the three color shots...

...or the black and white series.
I had three more sessions today, so at the rate I'm going, I should have those up on the blog in about 2.5 years (no worries, clients, it does not take me that long to edit and post to your gallery!) :-)

I have to squeeze in a quick "Overheard At Our House Today" list before I go:
1. Abby: Mommy, I think you'll be the first person in our family to die. You're the oldest.
2. Abby: Why doesn't that man have any clothes on?
This one actually popped out at Jason's Deli, and thankfully, the man in question -- who was actually a statue in a picture -- was wearing something. A well-placed leaf.
3. Izzy (as I was putting her to bed): Ieee Wuv Ooo.


Jack and Abby went to PaPaw and GrandPam's for the night (to go see Wiggles tomorrow), and Josh and I are having a quiet night, thanking our lucky stars that the grandparents are willing to subject themselves to a performance by the Great Turtleneck Team.

(I think I remember Josh saying he would rather gnaw on his toes than sit through that show.) Thanks P&G!

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Anna said...

adorable! i think i might be a fan of the black and white. all of them are beautiful!