Monday, August 8, 2011

overheard at our house today (drama)

izzy (screaming from the next room):  aaghhhh!!  mommy, hurry!  there's a big spider on my leg.
me (running through the kitchen to grab a paper towel):  i'm coming, baby!
izzy:  oh hurry, please!!  it hurts so bad!!!!!!!!!!!
me (arriving to see the nastiness on her lower leg but unable to get down to it because i'm holding a sick baby):  quick, put your leg up here and let me get it off.

me:  izzy, it's a dried cranberry.


Anna said...

Haha & oh no at the same time! I hope he feels better!

Giann said...

lol. I still do that sometime! =o I hope Micah feels better! Prayers!