Friday, June 24, 2011


somewhere along the road i let things start getting out of control. 

this blog became more widely read, we left the country a couple of times, my business close to quadrupled, and we added a baby to our family.  in turn, my "mismanagement" of those four situations led to these four issues:  i began writing as much (or more) for others as i did for us, i returned to the US exhausted, my clients saw more of me than my family did at times, and i wasn't sure i was investing the time i wanted and needed to into our sweet chunkers. 

sooo...under the gentle and loving leadership of my fantabulous husband, a couple of things are changing around here.

1.  i'm going to do a lot more photo posting and a lot less writing on the ole blog.  yes, there will be times that i'll get all gushy and want to say something, but as a rule this is, in essence, a picture scrapbook of my little people's childhood years.  so that's that.

2.  i'm reworking my business a bit.  allison lewis photography isn't going anywhere, but as you'll see when my new site launches, i'm taking a decidedly "bridal turn" because a) i LOVE LOVE LOVE wedding photography.  b) even more importantly, though, that business model fits much more appropriately with where i am in this season of life.  i desperately want to return to my roles of wife, mommy, and photographer.  in that order.  but not to worry - what this does NOT mean is that i'm dropping all of my children and family clientele.  in fact, i hope to continue working with my existing clients, but i'll only be taking a very limited number of new clients and will be shooting a limited number of sessions per month.  (on a very important side note, THANK YOU to the many, many of you who have supported me so much on this crazy photography journey of mine.  i really, seriously, completely adore the time i spend with you, and it's wonderful to be trusted with some of the most precious times in your lives!!  i'm not complaining at all about the business boom over this last year - just need to make sure my job doesn't take the place of my Job.)

**vulnerable moment of the night:  i'm kind of freaking out about putting this out there for everyone to read.  my brain is swimming with thoughts of, "what if you lose all your business?  you've got to make something!"  but this is an issue i've been prayerfully wrestling with for a while now and after talking with josh, my parents, and a couple of trusted friends, i know this is the right move.  i'm stepping out in faith and trusting that the lord will help me to reorder my priorities while continuing to provide for our needs.**

speaking of wedding photography, i'd love for you to take a peek at two of the couples (now sweet friends of mine) that i worked with earlier this month HERE and HERE

but because i'm moving to "less words/more pics" (not that you'd know it by this post), why don't you cast your eyes on these darlings?  you know what they say...a watermelon a day keeps the doctor away!


and because i don't have any pics of him with his face buried in a watermelon, here's a favorite of micah...


and now...GOOD NIGHT!  (sleep is part of my new plan as well)

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Missi said...

I completely understand and TOTALLY applaud you! I was JUST about to write out my own thoughts on this very topic. I have to do that every couple of years just to reign myself back in.

In a world that says that you must have it all and defines success contrary to scripture, it is easy to get pulled in. Especially when you are good at what you do! =)