Monday, December 13, 2010

in the name of the father, son, and holy spirit

jack:  izzybell, do you know christ?
izzy:  yes.

jack:  do you know jesus?
izzy:  yes, i do.

jack:  do you have a head?
izzy (giggling):  yes.
jack:  well then, hold your nose...i'm gonna bathtize you!!


Anonymous said...

Might we have a minister in the family one of these days? A guitar pickin', drum beating, "bathtizing" one at that?

This is really too sweet. It would appear Jack pays close attention in "big church".
love, mom

The Taylors said...

Yep, that boy's gonna be a pastor.

Brian and Jen said...

I hear that the guitar pickin', drum beatin', "bathtizing" preachers are the best kind!
I love it! Too precious! That's when you know you are getting through to your littles ones!!

Robin said...

it's official if it wasn't before....the lewis family is the sweetest family in the world!!

Anna said...

i LOVE it! and i agree with aLL the other comments: guitar pickin', drum beating, "bathtizing" sweetest boy ever!

Go and Tell said...

that's hilarious!! :) Merry Christmas to you and your family!! Praying for ya'll!