Tuesday, July 20, 2010

chubby bunny

pronunciation - \'chuh-bē buh-nē\ 
definition - a game in which each participant puts a progressively larger number of marshmallows into his or her mouth, all the while repeating the phrase "chubby bunny".  the winner is the individual who successfully repeats the aforementioned phrase while housing the largest number of marshmallows.

i was initially introduced to chubby bunny during my first trip to the cabin at cashiers.  i didn't remember much about the game other than i laughed myself silly and that josh's mom won, so when somebody mentioned that we would be playing chubby bunny again this year, i jumped all over it.  the dentist(*) tells me i've got a pretty small mouth, so i knew better than to think i might take the prize this year, but i was definitely up for the laughs.

*perhaps i should clarify something here.  the last time i went to the dentist, he did tell me that i've got a small mouth.  the part i didn't mention is that because of a touch of terrified phobia, i've only been to the dentist twice in the last ten years.  maybe my mouth has grown since then.

the kids' cousin, chase, was on us all weekend wanting to know what "chubby bunny" was, but we kept telling him he would just have to wait and experience the amazing game on our last night there.  after excited anticipation, he finally asked once more after our last dinner, "pleeeeease tell me how to play 'chubby bunny'!"

somebody started to answer, but i jumped in with, "ok chase, here it is.  go ahead and close your eyes."  (he closes his eyes and i continue in my best soothing, meditation-type voice...)  "now picture a bunny.  think about what his little face looks like.  think about what his ears and tail look like.  now try to stand like a bunny."  (he perches his hands in front of his face, bends his legs, and pokes his top teeth out)  "next, you've got to imagine a chubby bunny.  think about how he walks.  think about how he hops.  now try your hardest to hop like a chubby bunny."  (he moves his hands out beyond his belly and begins to flop heavily around the back porch.  everyone screams, "bigger!  faster!  chubbier!" as he frantically ups his chubby bunny impersonation.)  

through our laughter and tears, we let chase in on our little secret.  some might call it hazing, but we prefer to think of it as "chubby bunny initation".  chase laughed as hard as we did, and the real game was ready to begin.  the kids each got in on the action...

but the main event began when the grown-ups got going.  "chubby bunny" is one of those things that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated, but i can tell you this about that time-honored tradition -- sometimes it's a little messy...

it's always very funny...

and if you're like papaw, the game is ever-changing.  he tried playing "chubby bunny" in character this year as some sort of backwoods, slightly scary orator.

grandpam and papaw, thank you so very much for letting us join you at the cabin this year.  as you can see from the last two weeks' worth of posts, we had a FANTASTIC time.  we love you -- and we love camp cashiers!!!

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