Tuesday, March 9, 2010

overheard at our house today...

abby: mommy, when i grow up, i think i'm going to eat diet coke and chicken. (funny that she says that because anytime the well-meaning deli clerk at publix offers her a chicken finger, she politely says "no, thank you" while simultaneously making a semi-vomit face.)

josh: i feel like i've joined satan's army.  (on finally succumbing to the facebook craze) 

izzy's diaper: errrrrrpppbbbttfffffffff
me: oh izzy, what do you need to say, baby?
izzy: silence
meizzy, what do you say when you do that?

me: yes, is this poison control?  my littlest two just *shared a tube of toothpaste.  is that dangerous?

and since posts are always better with pictures, here are a couple of shots of josh teaching abby to play baseball on the wii that bethany and bailey let us borrow.  (might need to talk to him about the difference in a grown-up man swing and a five-year-old girl swing)

*we had just returned from the dentist, and the new toothbrushes and toothpaste were too fantastic to resist.  i had one of those moments when i realized that it was eerily quiet, so i dashed upstairs only to find jack and izzy, reeking of minty freshness, finishing off the goods.  but not to worry -- the sweet poison control lady did a couple of flouride-in-grams-to-weight-in-kilograms ratios and told me they would be fine.  she had me pump them full of calcium in whatever form i could and call it a night. 

guess i'll have to keep the colgate under lock and key from here on out.

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The Taylors said...

Well can you blame them? Who can resist a good ol' tube of Colgate? YUCK!